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The perfect financing solution
for your own home with HYPOTEQ and UB Partner GmbH

You will gain a significant competitive advantage by utilizing the new method to quickly and easily compare the best mortgages available. We will always give you the best possible offer on the market, whether you are remortgaging or want to finance a new project.

Sit back and relax as your professional adviser guides you through the entire financing process. As a financial boutique for private individuals, we provide integrated and reliable advice. Our objective is not simply to compare interest rates and terms for you, but to ensure that the financing is long-term stable and meets your requirements. Additionally, you will have a single partner for all financial matters: Taxes, insurance, investments and financing.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Professional advice provided by UB Partner GmbH
  • The most affordable mortgage rates in real time
  • Transparency as a result of a systematic approach to preparing offers through real-time auctioning
  • Minimise your search costs by contacting all providers at once
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